Directed By: Therapy Live

Design & Animation: Adam Zimmer

This was a marketing video we created while I worked full time at Therapy Live. I worked with our founder Ryan Beale to come up with all aspects of the video including script, storyboard, style frames and final animation.


It was a great exploration process about the budding company. We went through multiple scripts before we eventually reached one that we both felt captured the higher level essence that the company is about, while informing the viewer about the features and benefits that the Therapy Live platform has to offer.


Check out more of the process below!




With the script finalized we began the storyboarding process. Through a couple different iterations of rough sketches we began to piece together the main keyframes and the overall blocking of the video. Knowing that we wanted to feature scenes that represented the higher level benefits to using Therapy Live as a therapist. Such as going from being overwhelmed and stressed by clients and appointments to relaxing on the beach enjoying family time.  But while being a new platform we also wanted to make sure we got a few important messages across to our viewers, like a list of our features and showcasing the general layout of a Therapy Live profile.

Design wise, Ryan wanted the video to have some depth and texture to it. He didn't want it to feel too flat. So we came up with this geometric pattern we created in illustrator and used many of these  as backgrounds and textures in the style. Also we played with adding other textures to the sand as well as using shadows all around to provide more depth. We also wanted the video to pop with color so it felt eye catching and stayed interesting to watch. We did not want to over commit to a limited color scheme and run the possibility of having each frame feel too similar. In the end we were all extremely happy with how the video ended up as a whole, once it came together with music and sound effects to top it all off.