Long story short...


My name is Adam Zimmer, a motion designer based outside of Detroit in Plymouth, Michigan. I have had a passion for video production since I made my first movie in 5th grade. Over time that passion has allowed me to work in many facets of the video world. From short film production, commercial shoots, live sports production with Big Ten Network Student U program, and eventually motion design.


While at Michigan State University motion design immediately captured my interest. I was amazed at the animations and designs I was watching all over the internet. I always loved using After Effects and when I learned that was the program almost everyone used I began to practice and practice.  I now work every day to better myself and my skill set.  I feel incredibly lucky to love my job, and wake up every single day excited to get to work.


I bring this passion into every project I work on. Always looking for new ways to push myself and in turn raise the bar on a project, creating the best possible product.  Motion design has this incredible ability to help us understand complex ideas, connect with each other, and even put a smile on our face.


So if you have an awesome idea, please don’t be shy and say hello. I look forward to working together to bring your idea to life!